Sonic Cartography – portuguese neighbourhood, Montreal, 2010

Sonic Cartography is a soundwalk that takes place in the portuguese neighbourhood of Montreal. It crosses the paths of many of its inhabitants, parks, and back alleys.

The gallery window was used as a surface of inscription where the graphic representation of the area was associated to a subjective description of the neighbourhood’s soundscape. On the top of the window, the outdoor speakers announce the spatial directions out of order in relation to the soundwalk (« take a left on St-Laurent » ; « you are now entering the park » ; « take the back alley on your right », etc.), mixing the sounds and places of the journey.

For the opening, I asked a group of performers to realize an implausible actions on the soundwalk route (drawing a line backwards on the sidewalks during one kilometre; waiting in many positions on different locations; lying on the ground in a dark alley; being dressed in yellow and moving yellow objects under a street light) in order to install a doubtful state of attention.

With the participation of Marie-Andrée Rho, Isabel Mohn, Hinda Essadiqi, Marika Nelson, and Maroussia Faubert-Bravo’s group .

Sound intervention in the outdoor speakers of the gallery, and soundwalk (duration: 35 minutes). Audio players, headphones, translucent paper, adhesive paper, self-adhesive cardboard. Photo: Julie Faubert and João Bravo.