Site-specific Sound Pieces at the Grande Bibliothèque, 2016

(Project Website : HERE)

Listening “situation” in a chair in front of the book conveyor, Espace Jeunes, M, Grande Bibliothèque.

7 site-specific sound “situations” are displayed in and subtly integrated with the common spaces of Quebec’s national library (Grande Bibliothèque, Montreal, Quebec): between the poetry collections, inside the archive room, at work tables, behind the service counter, etc. Through site-specific spatialized listening by which fiction (recorded sound interventions by performers) merges with reality (documentary recordings), the listener is immersed in the physical presence of numerous readers, passers-by, and employees. The library’s real and potential/imaginative sounds are thereby staged and brought into presence.

Please listen to the video with headphones in order to hear the aproximation of the spatial diffusion.

Listening situation for two, French Poetry, 1st floor, Grande Bibliothèque.

Listening situation and sound device, Platform South, between the 2nd and the 3rd floor, Grande Bibliothèque

View overlooking the listening situation, Collection nationale, Grande Bibliothèque.

Listening situation in a chair along the Promenade de l’avenue Savoie, 2nd floor, Grande Bibliothèque.

Listening situation for two at a work table, Collection nationale, 1st floor, Grande Bibliothèque.

9 RaspberryPi 2 and sound cards, puredata/python programming, aluminium and rubber (site-specific fitting system), headphones, infrared sensors. Special thanks to the musicians Damian Nisenson, Ella Wilhelm, and Miranda Nisenson. My warmest thanks to Maroussia, Marianne, Theo, Sky, Tiago, and Claire. My dearest thanks to Delphine, and Alexandre. With the invaluable help of Alexandre Bérubé. Photo : Paul Litherland and Léna Mill-Reuillard.