Space no. 1, 2013

Space no.1 is a site-specific proposition that was created specifically for the Centre Clark (Montreal). The listener was sitting close to the entrance, at the left of the front door, close to the office, looking at the gallery space, with all the books around him. All the recordings composing this audio piece have been realized in situ, in the exact listening position of the visitor by the mean of binaural microphones. The sound piece mixes recordings of the gallery space in its “normal” state (documentary recordings) and recordings of sound fictions realized in the gallery by 6 performers. The piece opens up the gallery to imaginary events that are anchored in a physical spatial experience of the site.

Space no. 1, excerpt – 05:53
(please listen with headphones in order to hear the approximation of the spatial diffusion)

In Space no.1, the in situ binaural recordings create a deep sensation of “realness”. When I slowly add other layers of sounds (events that wouldn’t happen but that could happen) to the “normal” soundscape of the gallery,  it opens up all possibilities.

The idea here is to “redo the space” sonically, adding layers of small events, playing with the real scale/shape/dimensions of the space. Of course, the piece and “what is really happening in the space” intertwin constantly : a sound space that creates short circuits between fiction and reality, introducing virtualities; a sound space that – maybe – refuses any fixedness.

Centre d’art et de diffusion Clark, Montreal. Audio player, headphone. Special thanks to the sound performers and especially to Maroussia. Photo: Julie Faubert