Moving Oneself, 2011

This project outlines a poetic interconnection between verbal descriptions of imaginary spaces and tridimensional evocations of these same spaces. It is an imaginary walk through spaces constructed by sounds, or, in other words, the sonic crossing of imaginary places. These spaces, sometimes fully described and other times only alluded to, are presented in conjunction with material models, encouraging the viewer in a ceaseless movement back and forth between the heard and the seen. A soundtrack was composed from recordings of movements in different spaces (walking in multiple directions, climbing or descending stairs, opening or closing doors…) and verbal descriptions of imaginary spaces (actual places described by a person who has never visited them). Excerpts from these descriptive speeches are also engraved in wood pieces spread out on the floor.

Wood, altered chairs, audio players, headphones, 10 m2. Photo: Julie Faubert.