La Possibility of the Other, Can Ricart, Poblenou, Barcelona, 2008

(in collaboration with Xavi Manzanares and Pedro Soler)

La posibilidad del otro is a geospatial sound investigation that questions the human, architectural and environmental legacy of the installation site. It takes place on a former industrial site located in Poblenou (Barcelona), a district that has been totally transformed and whose history of social struggles has been erased by a large urban development project named 22@.

The imaginary space created by the many spatialized sound files mixes with a real and concrete experience of place, and thus transforms the reading of the place in a complex and timeless understanding. The sound montage is a complex articulation of field recording, sound archives and interviews created in relation to the site of investigation. This installation process reflects in a specific way on the relationships between space, visitor’s movements, listening relations and sound spatialization: the visitor must circulate through a narrow passage in which hundreds of sounds come and go, appearing somewhere and disappearing further away, surrounding their body.

Diffusion in Can Ricart alley (random excerpt, 1:00)


Luso-Phonia 2008, Poblenou, Barcelona. 8 speakers, wood boxes, black paint, sound card, puredata. Gràcies Jaume, Mireia, Merche i el Freesound Project. Photo: Pedro Soler.