A project by Julie Faubert

    With the invaluable help of Alexandre Bérubé


    Sound Editing:

    Julie Faubert



    Julie Faubert

    (With the help of Delphine Hébert-Marcoux and Alexandre Bérubé)


    Guillaume Arseneault


    Performers and performers:

    Delphine Hébert-Marcoux

    Alexandre Bérubé

    Maroussia Faubert-Bravo

    Delphine Egesborg

    Jean-Michel René

    Mai Nguyen

    Diana Rodriguez

    Jade Di Cesare

    Clara Faubert-Fadoul


    Musicians and musicians:

    Ella Wilhelm, classical singing

    Damian Nisenson, saxophone and flute

    Miranda Nisenson, violin



    Julien Berthier

    Charles-Étienne Brochu


    Assembly assistance:

    Alexandre Bérubé

    Maude Thibault-Morin

    Alain Chénier


    Technical help:

    Alexandre Bérubé

    Pascale Leblanc-Lavigne

    Dany Massicotte

    Samuel St-Aubin



    Umberto Cirrito


    I would like to sincerely thank the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et Culture (FRQSC) for its essential financial support for the full realization of this project; The Université Laval School of Art and all its technicians; La Chambre Blanche; and Avatar for their logistical and technical collaboration.


    A big thank you also to all the team of the BAnQ dedicated to the assembly of exhibitions (in particular Denise St-Jean, Lucie Laberge, Isabelle Goulet and Martin Lafond) and to the artistic programming team of BAnQ, Julie Derouin, project manager, and Nicole Vallières, the director.


    Finally, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to all the employees of the Grande Bibliothèque who have crossed the path of our recordings.